About Us


To enable organisations to focus all their energy on building amazing new investment products that delight their customers - and zero time reinventing the wheel to run investment strategy calculations and methodologies.

What We Do

PathLit provides developers and quants with APIs that take the complexity out of writing code for financial portfolio calculations.

We provide a scalable and secure API-first engine with a library of investment methodologies that can calculate weights, run simulations, auto-backtest and more.

You bring product identifiers, we do the rest.

Our Vision

Financial services has changed a lot in the last 10 years, and will change even more in the next 10.

An explosion of fintech startups have unbundled banks into a symphony of best-in-class point solution. These companies choose a layer of the financial stack and provide that layer as a service. They make launching new products for new customers faster and cheaper.

We are specifically interested in investment strategy calculations. Whether the product that you are building is actively managed or passively managed, focused on one type of asset or many, the onus is on you to develop and maintain a methodologically sound framework to calculate how your financial product behaves and correlates. You may not be that interested in modern portfolio theory, but modern portfolio theory is very interested in you.

In a perfect world without time crunches or cash constraints, every company would create and maintain a backend stack to run investment calculations and simulations. But, of course, we don’t live in that world. Teams have limited bandwidth and products must get to market quickly - and scale when they do.

Unless you are using a secret proprietary methodology that only your team knows, you will be reinventing the wheel in some form by building on top of the collective work of decades of academic research, industry practice and open source.

PathLit break the steps of portfolio optimisation and simulation into blocks (for example, computing log-returns) which can be orchestrated with other blocks according to the use cases of our users. These can be used in your workflows or for analysis of your investment strategies in a modular and customisable fashion.

Through the use of programmatic data engineering, our blocks can provide maximum flexibility in turning investment ideas into portfolio products.

Who We Are

We are industry veterans from technology and finance with experience building investment management and trading products.

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