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July 2021 Newsletter

· 3 min read

Our alpha preview of the PathLit Engine is publicly available at no cost for the time being. Our API requires an account so that we can assign an API Key, it takes less than 5 minutes to start building on top of the platform. A quickstart guide is available here

What problems are PathLit solving?#

We're creating a series of tools for software developers to build digital money-management apps. The trend these days is towards building new products using lots of specialist bricks made by different companies, so we're focusing on portfolio calculation bricks in particular.

Going a little bit deeper, we are building an API library focused on portfolio construction and simulation tools, for developers to build next-gen digital investment products. The idea is that for any given assets, geographies or customer segments, we can provide portfolio capabilities that would be tedious to develop in-house, have good governance and audit, and speed up go-to-market.

If you would like to know more about us, we explain our vision/mission at this link . Essentially, if you are building a robo advisor, an advisortech platform or running quant analysis among other use cases, we can help you by lowering your cost and take tedious workload off your hands so you can focus on your core offering.

Product Development#

We are currently working on two simple Software Development Kit (SDK) to interact with our engine as we understand that not everyone wants to manipulate the API at the endpoint level. Concretely, polling the PathLit Engine is very simple with this and allows you to focus on creating valuable outcomes. We expect to make these available in mid-late July 2021.

  • We first have a Python PYPI (Python Package Index) package exposing wrapper functions. It can be directly used in any python code, or within a Jupyter notebook for instance.
  • We are also working on a R package to be pushed to the CRAN (Comprehensive R Package Network).

R and Python are the languages of choice for quants, software engineers to perform complex statistical computation in the finance/fintech industry.

Support Us#

We are constantly looking for feedback to make our product better. Please contact us to share your experience at and we’ll get back in touch. Follow and like us on LinkedIN, share this newsletter with anyone or any community that could benefit from it.

Andrew, Rias, Nicolas, Clara and TianYi