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As the PathLit API is evolving all the time, this page describes the changes to the platform. We aim to keep the technology backward-compatible, but breaking changes can occur. When this happens, we are commited to providing early notice and support.

PathLit is built on a modern technology stack, mostly open source and cloud native. We are dedicated in providing fintechs an easy to use, straight-forward low level brick of technology they can use in their stack so they can deliver the best experience to their customers.


V0.3 Alpha 01 06-01-2021 - Razorback (Latest)#

Performances with R were not satisfactory, the weights/paths/sims endpoints have been refactored (and tested) with a better performing programming language: Rust. Official website.

V0.1 Alpha 01 04-01-2021 - Razorback#

Initial Alpha release. Covers stocks, equity ETFs and bond ETFs. implementation in R - See our quant section for the model approach or our API section for the interaction/usage details.

  • optimiser/weights Initial release - implementation in R
  • optimiser/paths Initial release - implementation in R
  • optimiser/sims Initial release - implementation in R
  • marketdata/info Initial release - implementation in Go