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PathLit SDKs#

The PathLit Engine is an API First technology product. It is designed to be programatic, a primitive brick receiving data from a system and pushing the results of the computations into another system.

The lowest level of interaction with the PathLit Engine is via the API endpoint as described here in the documentation. The SDKs allow for easier interactions acting as an abstraction to the API. A key is still required for authentication however the main benefit from using the SDKs is the ability to use the provided functions/methods in the supported programming languages to get some computations done.

currently we support the following technologies:

  • R (and the R Studio IDE) via the Comprenhensive R Archive Network - CRAN in short

Documentation and a quick tutorial for R are available in this section and if you're a Python person, head over here.

If you believe another programming language should be supported, please let us know