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Use Cases

Our specialist endpoints can be used for any asset allocation use case that you have. This page has a few of them.

To know more about our API and how to use our endpoints please head to our API section. For more information about our quant approach (hint we are as un-opiniated as possible) and the PathLit model please go and check our quant section.

Common PathLit use cases#

You are developing a robo-advisor#

Use our portfolio calculation and simulation tools to build a self-serve investment tool for your customers to visualise and backtest different investment strategies easily, accurately and scalably.

You are building an advisortech platform#

Use our endpoints to create powerful portfolio calculation and simulation tools for your financial advisors in whatever asset classes, investor segments, and geographies that they work in.

You are running quant analysis#

Use our endpoints integrated with your own R or Py packages to test different investment strategies and scenarios, in order increase the quality of your decision-making.

You are building a securities trading application#

Use our portfolio tools to add new features to your product, allowing your customers to create their own investment strategies, auto-backtest them, and compare them to other methodologies

You are building an aggregator#

Use our building blocks to accurately and scalably add asset classes and coherently tie all of your customers' assets and liabilities into a complete picture